Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile, Price China, India, Korea, US, UK, Germany

Get The Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile Price features and Xiaomi Mi6 release date is discussed here for your better experience. Xiaomi is coming on the market with its new Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone very soon. The smartphone’s future is mostly with its fast growing Android manufacturer of upcoming Mi6 will be released worldwide. The third smartphone brand leader will release the phone in most of the Asian Markets and then would be featured in the world markets.

It has rumored that this one, the Xiaomi Mi6, will be the first smartphone that is going to be debut in the US, Canada and other markets who were waiting for premium quality and budget friendly phone with a patient. The rumors have added more that the Mi6 has got upgraded seriously with the price of customer friendly. The price would be almost half of its competitors, like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and other.

Xiaomi MI6 mobile Release Date in China, India, Korea, US, UK, Germany

Consistent with releases of previous versions of the Xiaomi smartphone, the projected date of release of the Xiaomi Mi6 mobile date is the April of 2017, if the rumors are true. The releasing date in China should be followed by Xiaomi MI6 launch in india, South Korea and Japan before releasing in the other countries, like the U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Germany and other countries of the world.

When the above rumors are true, it could be expected by the consumers that its pre-orders would be started before two weeks; alike of the Mi5 releasing time. All the top cell phone providers across the globe are almost sure getting the action like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, and many more.

Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile Full Specification:

Here we are going to uncover all rumors regarding of the Xiaomi Mi6 along with its specs. So, let me start by saying the worldwide release will become a great worth of the waiting. Xiaomi are going to establish its markets all over the world, including all top specifications, like the processor, display, screen, camera and many more that need for its upgrading. The more things are that, its camera with more megapixels, large battery life, octa-core processor with the guarantee of the faster performances.

Xiaomi Mi6 mobile

Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile Screen:

It has rumored of the Xiaomi Mi6 screen that the size will be slight screen of 5.0-inch. Mi5 was with some extra inches than the screen of Xiaoma Mi6. It seems like the Xiaomi is not taking anything new in its screen’s specifications, like a screen of 4K with an unheard resolution of 4096X2160. If the rumors are true the latest one will contain 700 ppi at its screen.

Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile processor:

Mi6 will contain the same octa-core Xiaomi MI6 Mobile processor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon, but it has powered up for more speed. It has 2.5-2.7 GHz clocked processor where Mi5 was 2.3 GHz clocked processor.

Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile Camera:

For the specifications of the cameras, Mi6 must be great. Both cameras, front and rear, has upgraded and its new camera features must be gone a long distance. The rumors have suggested that the rear camera of latest Xiaomi Mi6 camera is 23 MP and front camera is 7 MP. This could be compared with some other high-ended Android devices.

Design and Features with Metal Uni-body and Glass Back

Beside the size, design is additionally accepted to be receiving a facelift with Xiaomi Mi6. The exterior of the phone will be the design of metal body, but we have listened information that Xiaomi will look great with a premium finish. Looking like the most recent iPhone, the Mi6 might be added a glass-touch to the backside of the phone.


You will find a nice dealing description of upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile:

  • 5.2-inches 4K screen with Ultra HD and the resolution of the screen is 4096X2160
  • Octa-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon with clocked speed 2.5GHz
  • 23 MP and 7MP cameras respectively rear-facing and front-facing side
  • Bigger battery size with 2450 mAh
  • Design of composite metal Uni-body with rear glass

Other Features of Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile

The information is gathered from rumors about Xiaomi that it looks improved camera features competing with other top brand of premium flagships. Moreover, Optical Image Stabilization Plus (OISP) feature also has been developed. You can think it like that, you’re taking image or capturing video from a running car and you will find it after completing your journey as image or video was taken from complete sitting and still position.

Feature of Wireless Charging with Improved Rapid Charging Option

Among the leaked news, there are feature of wireless charging and the feature of rapid charging option has improved. Because, consumers are becoming more dependable on the tech of mobile, enhancing more efficient of the battery has made easier the charging process of the Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile.


The feature of wireless charging of the mobile phone will make a practice of ability of wireless charging through the charging mat. Charging mat is compatible and it will provide the users, boosting 30% in 20 minutes. The developed feature of rapid charging will make the device up to 50% in the half an hour, although it requires having the appropriate rapid charger to get the performance.

Eye Scanner has been Replaced Fingerprint Scanner

It’s the best feature among the special features of Xiaomi Mi6 that rumored of the retina eye scanner. Mi5 has the fingerprint scanner that is going to be the matter of the past and this fingerprint scanner is replaced with some more responsive with most unique technology. But, it has not declared by the official of Xiaomi that the feature of eye scanner or iris is added at the latest Xiaomi Mi6.

Memory of more Capacity and more Space

Our expectation is the see the memory amount larger in the memory option of the Mi6. The expected expandable memory will make the way through a Micro SD Card slot with an extra 128 GB for its consumers. And of course, the internal three options of memory will remain same as 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

It will be seen great of two card slots on Micro SD card which will make the expandable memory in total is equal to 256 GB. For the need of the present time, the product must have something more than the expectation of the customers. Moreover, in this age, two slots of 128 GB Micro SD card are not more enough as it’s thought.

Too Many Features are added

It has Corning Gorilla Glass 4, new sensors of health related; USB rapid charging along with more other features will make some new concepts. The latest one of Xiaomi will be waterproof, all typical sensors, like barometer, compass, HR, gyro and many more.

Xiaomi MI6 mobile Price in China, India, Korea, US, UK, Germany, and More

Everybody is wondering about the Xiaomi Mi6 would be in the countries, particularly in the U.S.A that seems like it would be made a much more impact on the consumers of this country. It has rumored about the launching Xiaomi Mi6 price is that it would be only US$ 399 which would be only 2012 Chinese Yuan. The price will be nice to compare of its first launch of the Mi5. The price of the launching day would be same, according to all rumors, in South Korea, UK, India and Germany.

In-depth Preview of the Xiaomi MI6 mobile

Covering up this with In-Depth Preview of what is certainly going to be the Best Smartphone from the house of the Xiaomi so far. Every single year Xiaomi appears to expand on the achievement of the past model, and the idea of the Mi6 will be without a doubt do similarly. With tremendous upgrading that will address the issues of business and individual users alike, the overall the release of the Xiaomi Mi6 is relied upon to experience the hype.

The rumors of having the camera of 23 MP rears along with a 7 MP on the front could make way of new directions for this 3rd leading manufacturer of smartphone. The rumors also suggested that rear one could be a sport 10MP with an Auto laser focus along with OIS feature.

Next: Xiaomi Mi7

India is the top among the locations of the Xiaomi branding. And it’s expecting by the Xiaomi that it would be expanded larger throughout some next years in India. Recent rumored information has suggested that Xiaomi is going to open many stores all around India, where the customers can view the demos of all upcoming and current products of the Xiaomi including smartphones, Xiaomi MI Watches, tablets, fitness bands and many more.

Xiaomi MI6 mobile Steps toward the U.S

In only 4 years, Xiaomi has secured the top manufacturers of smartphone such as Apple and Samsung with the positioning of 3rd leading smartphone manufacturer in the planet. It was limited up to the markets of Asia and some more countries excluding the U.S and the U.K markets at the debut of Xiaomi smartphone. Xiaomi’s budget-friendly and high-end spec smartphone obviously will make more appeal to its users at much less.

Finally, consumers’ expectations are much more of rumors on Xiaomi smartphone debut in the U.S and other countries as well. And the accurate, absolute and complete features will come to the users of Xiaomi Mi6 at the close of Xiaomi MI6 mobile release date.

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