Top Two Upcoming Best Smartphones 2015 (Google Project ARA & Samsung Galaxy Note 5)

Do you search Top Two Upcoming and best smart phones 2015? Here we are to inform you details about top 2 popular, best, quality and upcoming new smartphones. Technology can’t still in one place, day by day it creasing up. If you bought a smartphone a few months or a few days ago that is now called old and in these middle days thousands of new smartphones released and too many is processing for release. Everybody thinks to replace their smartphones and wants to use new products, Different person chose different items, but differentiate has never been more important. Statics report exclaimed that some people wait long times for the release date of their dreadful smartphones.

So, what is the new & best smartphones or upgrade version smartphones? To know more read the full content carefully!

Project ARA: The Smartphone is one of the most powerful, most empowering, and creative and intimate objects of our real life. This is our pleasure to inform you that 6 Billion people design and maintenance about this smartphone exclusively. The concept of Project Ara achingly very near to reality. The management of Project ARA Provide Conformation & promises something revolutionary for the real mobile industry. The mobile instruments use on this smartphone awarded high quality and selected as most rate able configuration like Camera, Battery, CPU, and Processor. The attractive feature of this phone that your priorities a large battery over the micro SD card slot, you can use another battery here, If you need a phone of Dual SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) you can buy a phone with Dual SIM Module. Ara has been developing more hat a year by Google.

Google Project ARA

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another Creation of Modern Smartphones by Samsung Smartphones Limited. Some feature of This Smartphones match with Samsung Galaxy S6, is a popular smartphone for its official flagship. Giant screen is one of the attractive points of this smartphone’s popular ship. This smartphones come with a big screen like a stylus and people now a day’s look too important by doodling with better styles of any smartphones. Samsung announced that, they upgrade their processor to Exynos 7422, which combines GPU, RAM & CPU Setup in one single place or single chip. It completely means a faster, upgrade and more effective processor. Not only the  processor but also Samsung always provides extra facilities of Battery life. Samsung Set up here a Universal Serial port (USB) with quality instruments for transfer data very fast with USB Cable and it also provides high voltage for charging.

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