Sony Xperia Z6 Specs, Features, Price, Release Date Info

This year 2016 is actually  a great exciting year intended for   all of the Smartphone enthusiasts.  All of the major manufacturers usually are essential to make the smartphone sony xperia z6 line-up even greater via releasing upgraded devices.

In this article, There are only two Smartphone 2016 rumors which are consumed equally   ones hottest topics towards gadget lovers correct at the actual moment.

Smartphone 2016 Rumor: Xperia Z6 to be able to become unveiled throughout March 2016

While Sony refreshed the Xperia lineup  simply just a few days ago, rumors  In regards to the  release of any next-generation ones have already started up to swirl through the  internet. Among them, an individual of a hottest Smartphone 2016 rumors has been generated from a good document of Latino Post. This claim, which the next-generation Xperia Z6 is released in March 2016.

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Sony Xperia Z6 Reviews, specification and price:

According in order to other Smartphone 2016 rumors, your own Sony Xperia Z6 will feature a 5.5-inch IPS Triluminos screen. It will have a good amazing 4K display resolution. The item will also be covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. As a result, the display is actually scratch resistant with dustproof. Some other notable has of a device are: 30 Mega Pixels back shooter, 8 Mega Pixels front shooter, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset besides 4,000 mAh battery.

Overall, your speculation of any Xperia Z6 release day and specification have further   a fresh dimension for the Smartphone 2016 rumors.
Smartphone 2016 Rumor: Galaxy S7 expected to regain ones microSD card slot machine

Samsung has become very successful with Galaxy S6. Your device features attracted most of these consumers. However, this has been heavily criticized pertaining to not obtaining   your current microSD card slot machine game similar to its predecessor.  Your current Korean firm seems to take your own criticism very seriously, as other Smartphone 2016 rumors claim which the next-generation Galaxy S7 will probably   definitely become equipped from the Particular component.

Sony Xperia Z6 Features, Price, Release Date:

The microSD card slot place will be a good essential component of your Smartphone. The idea enhances your total storage capacity of a device together with   makes it possible for your own users to be able to retailer tons of apps moreover games comforted. The exclusion of your   crafted   part in the Galaxy S6 has irritated many of these users. Samsung understands the particular fact, with decides to bring the external storage switch back again towards the upcoming device. According to different Smartphone 2016 rumors, the storage capacity of your new device is expandable up to help128GB by the micro SD card slot.

However, there is a bad news. The device can be essential for you to retain the non-removable battery, in the same way claimed through other Smartphone 2016 rumors.

These are usually the couple of hottest Smartphone 2016 rumors right at the particular moment. Keep within touch inside you to have additional rumors information on next year’s handsets.

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