Sony Xperia Z6 Price, Release Date, Spec, Features

The Sony Xperia Z6 is an Upcoming Smartphone 2016. The Xperia 6 will be the Successor than the Xperia Z5 Smartphone. The Sony Xperia Z6 smartphone 2016 will be Extremely most powerful Smartphone. Sony is Working hard to Make this Smartphone more attractive and better one. Are you ready to get more information about the Sony Xperia Z6. Read the below information to get a clear Concepts about the Xperia Z6 Smartphone. We also Include here the Xperia Z6 Release Date, Price, Full Features and Specification.


Sony Xperia Z6 Features:


  1. Octa-Core chip 3GHz+ processor and True Qualcomm 820 chipset.
  2. 4 or 5 GB RAM (Random Access Memory).
  3. 5” (inches) of 4K resolution display.
  4. 27MP camera sensor (rotator).
  5. Touch ID or fingerprint sensor. And Also with a retina scanner
  6. 128GB Internal Memory (on-board storage memory).
  7. Dustproof, Waterproof and also shockproof
  8. Fast charging battery. The Battery charge very soon.
  9. Sporting full 4K Screen
  10. The new Type-C USB port

The Sony Xperia Z6 is an Upcoming Smartphone 2016. The Xperia 6 will be the Successor than the Xperia Z5 Smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z6 Camera:

The Camera is the Main Attraction of Sony Xperia Z6 Smartphone 2016. People of World Wide are looking for the Highest Megapixel Camera on their Smartphone. T this Smartphone is Really Perfect for these People who Like Biggest Camera for Photo Shoot and Video Recording. Here available 27 Megapixel Camera available. The Largest Camera will help you to Sharing Quolity Picture and Videos.

Xperia Z6 and Z6 Compact Display and Resolution:

Sony has exposed Xperia Z5 with 5.2 inches IPS (Instant Power Supply) LCD Display with 1080p resolution. So the Japanese tech giant may release the Xperia Z6 with 5.2 to 5.3 inches Triluminos LED Display with High (2K) Resolution. The compact variation of Z6 may come with 4.8” (inches) display with FHD resolution. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 acts. It also provides the protection on display and body for Xperia Z6. In the Upcoming flagship from Sony we might see very thin bezels to upturn screen to body ratio.

How to Collect Sony Xperia Z6 Smartphone 2016?

It is very easy to collect the Sony Xperia Z6 Smartphone 2016 from your Nearest Place and also Online Store. You can only Collect this Attractive Smartphone after the release. We will add here the Exact Release Date of Xperia Z6 2016 Smartphone.

Now a day, A large number of People Worldwide purchases Smartphone and others Electronuics Products from Different online Sources. It is also too easy to receive the product and pay the Cost. If you want, Yu can get this Xperia Z6 Smartphone from Your Own Countries Online Store.

Finally, We hope that Sony Xperia Z6 Smartphone makes an Attraction on your Mind. We also Agree that, you are here because you feel interested and seriously looking for the Sony Xperia Z6 Smartphone 2016. Ask Your Question about the Desire Smartphone to us. We will answer your All Available Question on here. Thank you for Staying with us.

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