Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Officially release, Full Specification, Details, Price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a Upcoming New Smartphone 2016 design with Folding technology First time with high quality devices, good navigation, brilliant operating systems software, Excellent background data and many more features. Samsung Galaxy S7 may award the best smartphone 2016 and it became release on the mid time of 2016.

The next battleship smartphone since Samsung may go outside the current rounded screen of the Galaxy S6 edge and introduce folding displays for the Galaxy S7. It is told that Screen Resolution of Galaxy S7 will truly different with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge the Best smartphone 2015 currently running.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Conferring to Business Korea an unidentified authorized from Samsung display has exclaimed that the commercialization of foldable Galaxy S7 smartphone will be release as soon as possible by 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Specification, Details, Feature:

Touch key point of this upcoming smartphone is that the phone will fold in the touch screen, to some extent than the way currently running and past clam molded handsets require folded.

Samsung the popular Smartphone Company or Mobile Band has revealed off bendable displays at numerous tradeshows over the inordinate length of time, establishment as far back as 2008. But pending now there have been very few suggestions that this tech will ever brand it into in public presented smartphones.

As smartphones become cleaner and thinner they’re flattering additional intelligent to be folded deprived of adding too much width to fit in a compact contentedly. Visualize a smartphone sized protuberance in your pocket that could be gathered out to the size of a tablet.

Here’s hopeful a folding Galaxy S7 will reach 2016 (next year) and it will be similar Samsung’s Youm perception audiovisual from 2011 that demonstrations a folding semi-translucent device (inferior to).

By what means much a device comparable this will cost or whether it will be an opportunity together with a standard leading is perceptibly indistinguishable at this early period. But we’d visualize somewhat like this coming as an additional, more luxurious option, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does together with the Galaxy S6.

Finally If you want to buy a new popular smartphone in the next year or 2016 we recommend you for wait until the Samsung Galaxy S7 Release! It will serve you the better experience!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Reviews, specs, price in Bangladesh, India, USA

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