Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price in Bangladesh, India, USA

Hello Samsung Galaxy S7 Lovers! The Samsung Android smartphone Officially Updated News 2016; Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release date on 21th February 2016. After a long time processing, the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone will Publish on the Next Week. A great news is waiting for you, A large numbers of People keep themselves interested and busy for coming this New Smartphone. The News for Release the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge released by Samsung on their Official Website. People all over the world can handle it within the March 1st Week, 2016 or Early. Read more below about the More Instruction, Specification, Details  and Price.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone 2016 will Release on 21th February 2016 officially from Smartphone Aythority Sector. After Some times of Release, you can Purchase it from various Location yo may live like your Country. Samsung Explain that the Galaxy S7 Edge will Release 11th March (Friday) 2016 in the US. The S7 Edge release one Month faster from last year Release Galaxy S6. Do you know, when the Release Date Announced? The Samsung Announced the Release Date for Galaxy S7 Edge in August, 2015. Since these Time people are still waiting to get this Good Looking, Better, faster and more Premium Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge design:

The Design of Samsung Galaxy S7 Picture has already been published. It also broadcasts a video of Promo on the Samsung Indonesia Channel. T doesn’t look very Different from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge++. The Video didn’t supply more information about the upcoming Smartphone.  But, in the videos, there highlights a Waterproof Design. But it is now confirmed till now, that the Galaxy S7 Smartphone Really Waterproof or not. But, it will clear very soon after Release the Smartphone. So, Wait till 21th February 2016 to get attest Update and Practical Proved about the Samsung Galaxy  S7 Edge Smartphone 2016.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge expects a Metal Frame, a Slim Design and a glass back. It mightn’t though of the Standard Navigation, Design and Curved back.  A lot of Social Activities we looked on the Picture of Galaxy Note 5. But today and till now, Samsung didn’t Publish a full picture of this Desire Smartphone Model on their Social Platform which carry whole Features of the Smartphone. So, there is no chance available to make a public comment.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

You may know that a New and Branded Design can make more Attraction on the Peoples Mind about a new Product. Samsung need to remember the quotes. If the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Design does better from the Relevant pre Released Smartphone, Many Returning and New Extra customers they will receive for this Wonderful design.

Two person people available in the World. One of the People who believe in Quality and the other is believed in Unique Design and external Looking. Which categories people you are? Think yourself again to take any Action for purchasing the Smartphone.  Positively wait for the few days of release the Smartphone, then Review it finally and practically then purchase it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen:

The Screen is a main factor for any Smartphone. Maximum people try to get their own choice Screen Size. Without taking about the Curves, no one can tell about the Samsung S7 Edge  Screen. But, the Screen of this Smartphone like the Screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  With Rumors, the full Screen Size 5.5 inch.  The Screen backup by the Leaked Renders of the Smartphone both sides the Standard Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. On the Other claims, Samsung informed that it will have 5.7 inch Screen (Display). The Display tipped up to be a 1440*2560 pixels. Just this time, the Display is large, but essentially not so clear. Like this, the Galaxy S6 was too much different.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price in Bangladesh

It is may Helpful for the Movie Lovers who watch online Movies or Videos. Anyone can play games on this big Screen. The Screen glass also is a Super Strong and Samsung said that it’s their own “Turtle Glass”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera:

The Camera is an Attraction element of any Smartphones. You may also Interested to know about the Camera of your chosen Smartphone before purchasing. Do you know the Camera information about Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera. There is a latest camera is available. Most of the Camera Rumors Surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7, Point at 12 MP Snapper. But on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, There was a 16 MP camera. However, with too many Megapixels, there is a good chance to use Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge Smartphone. So, make sure that you have successfully understood about the Camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is Finally, Important before Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery:

The Battery is another Important Facts to use a Smartphone. Before purchasing the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone by Samsung, You need to understand about the Battery Power, ability and some other features. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone was 2,600 mAh Battery. But, here on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, here available more than 1000 mAh and its Battery capacity 3600 mAh. It is really enough for a Smartphone. We hope that, the Battery of S7 Edge provides Good Battery life and uses priority.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Operating System:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will come with Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 variants. Here available 4 GB RAM (Random Access Memory). Here available the New Version of Android Operating System software. The Android Operating System name is Marshmallow. With this best Operating System software the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone work better. With this Smartphone features, We have found some Others smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z5, Microsoft Lumia 950 and more others. Read the Details info about Similar Others Smartphone, Just Visit the Related Post after this Article.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge other features:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge provides 32 GB and 64 GB internal Disk Storage and Also Supply up to 128 GB Expandable Micro SD Card. Here two types of ROM (Read Only Memory) 32 GB and 64 GB include on two different Smartphone of Galaxy S7 Edge. The Sound Quality of this Upcoming Smartphone 2016 is too Strong. High Transfer rated Micro USB (Univeral Serial Bus) port available for Data Transfer and Charger. The Other Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge++ and this features are same. If you know details about the Galaxy S6 Edge++ Smartphone Specification and Features, It may help you to make a clear concept about the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. Some other features also available for This Latest and Upcoming Smartphone 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price:

It is a Popular Question to ask by numerous people about the Exact Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. His Smartphone Will release on 21th February 2016 all over the World. We have heard the early word on how much the S7 Edge will get. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Retail Price at €800. If you want to convert it to USD, The Price of this New Smartphone 2016 is US$800. It may increase with Some Taxes and other charges. After a few months, the Price of Galaxy S7 Edge will Decrease. So, wait more than 2 or 3 months to buy this Smartphone with 600$-650$. It is not a high cost for thinking the Quality. We will also update this Content, if any change available on the Desire Price. Here, We Recommend you to check our Site Daily to learn all Updates for Upcoming Smartphone 2016 and Current available Smartphone Price.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Short Specification:
  • 1 inches 2560*1440 Quad HD (High Defination) Display (5.5 inches Edge model)
  • 8 Core Qualcomm 820 Processor with 4GB (Gigabyte) of RAM (Random Access Memory). The Condition of RAM Variable by region.
  • 32GB and 64GB Data storage options (With MicroSD reportedly confirmed)
  • New 12.3 MP (Megapixels) Rear Camera with f/1.7 aperture, OIS and more others.
  • 3,000 mAh Long Time Working battery with Super Fast Charging, Wireless Fast Charging (3,600 for Galaxy S7 Edge)
  • Operating System Software Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with TouchWiz
  • Fingerprint and Iris Eye Scanner
  • IP67 Dust and Water Resistance (Rumored)
  • Flat Design (no camera bulge)
  • Many Others Features also Available.

Finally, no more Words about the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone 2016. We hope that you have successfully understood about this Latest Smartphones Full Feature, Specification, Camera, Design, Price and Some other Default features. If you have anything else about this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone, Please ask here to us for getting your Answer about the Smartphone. Though all the necessary Concept we have already provided in above, also give a chance to you for asking. Your Important Comment can help us to improve our Service. If you think that, This content is Helpful for you, please Share this Link and Support us to make different wonderful content.

Remember that, We don’t provide you guarantee about the information of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 100% accurate. Because, Samsung can Change, Add or Remove any Information about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge any times. Thank you for staying a long time with us. Have a nice Moment!

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