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Dear visitor greetings from us on here to get the latest News and update information about the iPhone 7 Release date, rumors, features specs, Review USA and price in India. Here we are to inform you details and clearly about all of your Requirements. You may know that, iPhone is the Popular Smartphone in the World and every year a new version of iPhone release serially. In this year of 2016, the iPhone Version 7 will release on. Are you ready to purchase the iPhone 7 upcoming Smartphone 2016? If yes, Just read the below data and make a clear concept before purchasing.

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iPhone 7 Release date:

A large Number of people don’t know the exact and original time for release the iPhone 7 till now. We hope you already have the sufficient knowledge about the iPhone 7 and its release date. Resource shows that, the iPhone 6 will release on the 13th September 2016. The date is announced by the Authority of iPhone 7. But, it may also have a possibility to release on the 6th September 2016.  But, we offer you guarantee that the iPhone 7 will release on the September 2016 confirm.

After release, it will be available on some selected country and day by day it will by supply to the others countries. All the countries have some authorized dealer like the Mobile Operators, Whole Seller and some of the Retailers. So, you can collect your desire iPhone seven from your nearest point who gives you the chance of pre booking or pre-order.

iPhone 7 rumors:

The Rumors about the iPhone 7 detected on about the release date and its specification. we have collected some data from the different social Networking website about the iPhone seven. A charge Number of People are currently still waiting for the iPhone 7 release date and some people provide negative comment about its release date and specification. But, make sure that the Smartphone will release on the exact times which announced by the management or Authority of iPhone (Apple). if we get any more info about this smartphone, we will include it on here as soon as possible. Just visit this page regularly to check our update and get more info about iPhone seven.

Upcoming iPhone:

After release the iPhone 7 on the September 2016, the next update of iPhone is iPhone 7 Plus. The release date of iPhone seven Plus is currently unclear! If we receive any update about this upcoming Smartphone release date, we will inform you soon on here. But, the iPhone authority and management team make a distant for releasing the Smartphone. Do you know the history of all available iPhone Release date? Get the information from below.

All iPhone release date from 2007 to 2016:

The 1st iPhone released on the June 2007 and it always continued with better update every year. Look the below table and qualify yourself about the iPhone update history, Changed information and All iPhone Release date.

iPhone Model name

iPhone Release date


June, 2007

“iPhone 3G”

June, 2008

“iPhone 3G S”

June, 2009

“iPhone 4”

June, 2010

“iPhone 4S”

October, 2011

“iPhone 5”

September, 2012

“iPhone 5S and 5C”

September, 2013

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

September, 2014

“iPhone 6S”

September, 2015

“iPhone 7”

September, 2016 (expected)

iPhone 7 Features and Specifications:

The specification of the iPhone 7 will provide you the latest operating system software. Research shows, that the iPhone seven will going to feature with new Operating System Software. The Operating System software version is iOS 10. The Software is the unreleased and may be release on the September 2016. The Screen size of the iPhone seven is 4.7 inch and 5.5 respectively. But the Authority announced that the iPhone 7 will provide the 5.8 inch Screen with OLED display. it will also provide the 13 Mega Pixels Primary camera and 8 Mega pixels Secondary camera. The Secondary camera placed on the iSight. If you have any question about its Specification, Please ask to us via the comment box or contact us by using our contact us from.

iPhone 7 Review USA:

iPhone 7 is the practically marked device of the year 2016 that I think, could collect debut any predate in winters simply appreciate iPhone 6S. The put a call through will be partially larger than its predecessors and will be having disparate ultra-contemporary technology. Since the Cupertino, California based tech giant releases trendy iOS just before the inaugurate of next quality iPhone, it is anticipated that the nifty iPhone, i.e. iPhone seven going to highlight latest force system by all of plenty of dressed to the teeth interesting features, trendy UI, smarter SIRI, ultra accelerated processor and gone straight camera for clicking sharper pictures. But, the all smartphone Reviews are same for all countries. Some information may change like the Price and release date.

iPhone 7 Price in India:

Are here to known the iPhone 7 Price in India? We are sorry to inform you that the iPhone seven price in India is currently not confirmed! Some research shows that, the Apple iPhone 7 will provide the fixed price after announced the Smartphone officially. but we are currently working to collect the more deep data about the Apple iPhone seven like its Full Specification with original data, release date and price in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and some others countries! It may takes several time to update this content again. You may also visit the other website to check the price of iPhone 7 (India).

Finally, No more words require about the iPhone 7 Release date, rumors, features specs, Review USA and price in India. We hope that, you have successfully understood about the desire Upcoming Smartphone 2016. If you face any Problem about this Smartphone, Just inform us on here. We will try to provide you the latest solution to serve you shortly. If you hope that the content is accurate and helpful, please sure this post with your friends and family member.  Thank you for being with us.




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