HTC One M10 Release Date, Features, Specs, price in USA, India, Bangladesh

Hello Dears. Greeting from us about the HTC One M10 Smartphone 2016. You May Know that it is the Upcoming Smartphone 2016. HTC Announced that the One M10 Smartphone will release on March 2016. So, It is the time for Release. This is the biggest news for the people who really wait for this Upcoming Smartphone 2016. You need to know details about this Smartphone. Here we will provide you some Information about the HTC One M10 Smartphone Features, Specification, Release Date and Porrice in US, UK, Canada, Australia, India. Read the Below Data and reconfirm it before purchase.

HTC One M10 Release Date, Features, Specs, price in US,UK, Canada:

HTC One M10 price become fixed in the range of 650 to 800 USD. The flagship May not come in the cheaper or lower price. The Price of this Smartphone can Increase or Decrease anytime after the Smartphone Release. So, here we recommend you to wait for some days, After release the Smartphone, Get the Original Price of M10 on here. Don’t forget to Visit this Page again after the Release date for getting the Original Price.

HTC One M10

HTC One M10 Features:

Read the complete features about the HTC One M10 and make an Experience about this Smartphone. We are adding the Information about the Step by Step. It will support you you gain A to Z information. Just Check the Data form below.

  • Processor – Qualcomm 82X, 3X GHz Octa Core HMP cyclone tech (6 Instruction/Cycle capability)
  • 4GB of RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • 64GB and 128GB on-board Internal Memory (ROM).
  • Dual-SIM support (Both SIM are Nano-version).
  • 27MP Primary and Secondary camera with Autofocus phase detection technology.
  • 3500 mAh long last-able battery.
  • 5” (inches) 4K / 2K resolution display.
  • New and Unique design.
  • Two powerful Stereo speakers.
  • Dustproof and Waterproof certification.
  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Fingerprint Touch ID scanner.

HTC One M10 Release Date:

HTC First Lauched the HTC One M7 Smartphone in March, 2013. Since Then, TC Continue Upgrading a New Smartphone Per Year. Over the Next Year the HTC One M8 released in March, 2014. Another last release Smartphone on this category HTC One M9 Released in March, 2015. Now it is the Question That, When will the HTC One M10 release? Here nothing to Think. It will arrive soon. In a press Release, HTC explain that they are ready to arrange for a Surprise to their waiting customer.

How can I collect the HTC One M10 Smartphone 2016?

After Release, the HTC One M10 will available anywhere in the world. You can collect this Attractive smartphone from your nearest Smartphone café or Shop. HTC Authorized dealers will also supply the Smartphone. Here’s another option available. If you purchase this HTC One M10 Smartphone from Online portal, eCommerce site or Shopping Complex. You need to read their Terms and conditions to collect the Smartphone.

Finally, We are here available until the HTC One M10 Smartphone 2016 Will Release. So, anytime you can ask us any relevant question. We will try to answer your Question instant as soon as we can. Please Share this New Upcoming Smartphone with your Friends and get support us.

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