Google Project Ara Modular Smartphone may not release before 2016

It is told that Google Powered Smartphone Modular Project Ara release on this year easily and All subscriber can collect it on their hand. But currently it provides different moment!

Currently published a press release news about Google Project Ara that This Modular Smartphone can’t release before 2016. It is need to tell that thousands of subscriber currently still in waiting for purses Google Project Ara Modular Smartphone 2016. Currently Google Try to make a Smartphone where can be change the special parts of Hardware. Google’s planned to release this Smartphone in this year but Due to some details planning and some technical difficulties it may be late some more times.

Project Ara Hardware

Recently Google Say about Project Ara that’s, Project Ara didn’t fail drop test, better camera and battery coming. Google Got Really Brilliant Executive & Engineers for this project in its Rank but there is a problem that some could use improving of their comedic skills. Google Project Ara company tweeted a new on their official twitter fan page that Project Ara Modular Smartphone Did not actually fail any drop test. They also exclaimed that Google plan with some better simple way found the better way. Google have been configuring a new solution and replied that “It’s better too” on their twitter fan pages.

Project Ara Camera

Project Ara also provides a better camera facility with extra-long time battery life. Collected this information from another two tweets on the same days;

About Project Ara Delay news verification, Project Ara team conforms that Puerto Rico would no longer be the location of the Project Ara Pilot. Due to some problem faces Project Ara initial launch has been postponed until 2016 and next release date will announce as soon as possible.

The reason for the modification in place isn’t exactly clear, but the postponement is said to have been produced by the improvement of “lots of recapitulations” of the method, and is possibly because Project Ara has now uninhibited the electromagnetic design of its components.

This had, for a extended time, been the envisioned way to attribute and remove modules from the body of the device, but it was roundabout that the device’s organizational truthfulness wasn’t land up in dewdrop tests, so another enterprise route is now being followed.

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