“Can Nokia Android Become a Leading Smartphone Brand”

Nokia Mobile company is worldwide most popular and first time company. In year 200 to 2008 this company leads all type mobile. Which most of the mobile users are use and also like very much. Also in 2004, i Bought Nokia 2600 Model mobile. And that time it’s very rear and high quality Smartphone. And i am sure that most of the mobile phone users are use this company’s mobile. In this mobile, I also enjoy playing Soccer games on this tiny screen.


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6 years later

I bought a Nokia N71. And Nokia N71 create best position in this mobile phone market. It has 2 Mega-pixel camera which is rear and most upgrade mobile phone. In that time, Smartphone are not release and i simply loved this mobile. But things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Nokia mobile which once had a 70% share in the Indian mobile market,  now has shrunk to Zero. Nokia is global market share was also close to 60% and at that point of time it dwarfed Sony and Motorola. Samsung was no where in this mobile market and iPhone was not launched.

In that time Nokia HMD Global:

Nokia mobile is most popular and most update mobile phone for all mobile phone users. Anyone like this mobile phone very much. After 2010 this company launch Nokia Symbian mobile phone. Which is totally different type mobile phone.
Lets discuss Of The Positive Aspects Why It Is Possible For Nokia To Make A Strong Comeback.

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1). Nokia is biggest strength is its global fan following, which means people can give it shot again.
2). A strong Brand Name, Nokia company was one of the top 10 brands in the world, it takes millions of dollars and years of advertising to create that kind of association.
3). HMD global is a strong partner and which can help manufacture and distribute the Nokia smartphones globally.

Nokia Edge mobile

Now Lets Understand Why It Will Be Difficult For Nokia company To Become A Leading Player In The Market.
The current leading players in smartphone market have their own strengths:

1. Apple – Great iOS meant for iPhone only , great hardware also Best quality service.
2. Samsung – Cutting edge technologies like OLED display, Processors manufacturing. Strong Distribution with HD camera system which most popular.
3. Google – Android OS and ability to leverage it for own hardware and it’s totally different Item.
4. Huawei – Pioneered design and manufacturing of mobiles, own processor development also it’s most popular quality product.
5. Xiaomi – Low cost player with great consumer research and focus for all android Smartphone users.

Conclusion: Finally in this article we try to discuss with you Can Nokia Become a leading Smartphone Brand. Which is most important things for Android Smartphone market.Because of lot’s of mobile phone users are like this company’s product. Because of Nokia company is full trusted company with best quality product. And that’s why most of the mobile phone users are like very much this company with this company’s product right now.

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